Our Services


Do you need a Car-driver for a few Times! Safe Drive offer customized services for your private and professional journeys, 24 hours a day and for a minimum of only two hour.


If you are planning a weekend getaway, or a long vacation from CHANDIGARH TRICITY and are looking for a reliable Outstation service in TRICITY, YES BOSS is your right choice.


Using a chauffeur for big events relatively close to home , such event parties, proms and cars for wedding guests, will make a special day worry-free, and allow you to enjoy it in style.


Valet Parking Service saves your guests time so they can spend it doing what they came to do; shopping, catching flight. More ease means a better overall experience for your customers.

Drivers Training & Development

While driving seems like a fairly straightforward process, there are many minute details like correct posture, grip on the steering wheel, pressure while applying brakes etc. that differentiate the regular driver from a professional one.
Through our extensive training and development program, drivers are trained on how to:

  • Be in total control of the vehicle at all times with confidence, compassion and care
  • Respond adequately in emergencies or situations of immense pressure
  • Prevent accidents with evasive maneuvers and safety measures

The key contents of the Drivers Training:

  • What is safe driving?
  • Mindset while driving a vehicle.
  • Do’s and Don’ts while driving
  • What is safe driving?
  • The role of Yoga & Meditation to prepare
  • Precautions under the preview of COVID -19.